Developmental age 11 years     6th grade

a weekly workshop series in 2 months

One Hour Sessions

The messages in each lesson are transmitted through a wide range of activities, games, and discussions, giving participants the chance to explore their own ideas and feelings, while recognizing common experiences as well as diverse perspectives among their peer group.



  • We help participants clarify support and communicate their values about sexuality.
  • Identify the wide range of topics that connect with sexuality and recognize the diversity of feelings related to these topics

Changes of Puberty

  • Helps participants understand the physical and emotional changes of puberty
  • Acknowledges the wide range of  what is normal for youth at this developmental stage


  • helps participants examine the messages they receive about gender. They learn what it means to have a gender identity and about some of the many variations in sexual identity.

Feelings and Attraction

  • helps participants understand the concept of being romantically attracted to someone else, whether of a different gender or the same gender. Participants learn some of the terms commonly used to talk about sexual orientation, and think about what people may do in a variety of scenarios related to attraction. 


Decisions and Actions

  • Educates participants about a range of sexual activity, including masturbation and sexually explicit media/pornography.
  • Participants have an opportunity to think about when they would and would not want to engage in certain behaviors.

Reproduction and Staying Healthy

  • Covers conception, pregnancy, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and other possible consequences of sexual activity.

Understanding Consent

  • Helps participants learn how to communicate about consent, to examine situations in which consent is violated.
  • Participants identify people in their lives who can offer help.

Healthy Relationships and Communication

  • Helps participants understand the components of a healthy relationship and gives them an opportunity to practice communicating effectively.


We are always happy to have further conversations with parents who would like more clarity or detail on any session.