Addressing Human Sexuality in Clinical, Educational, and Family Settings

presented by More Than Sex-Ed at Antioch University

September 27-29

All clinicians, educators, youth workers, and parents will be called upon to address sexual health topics at some point.

Are You Ready to Talk With Your Youth Clients About Sex?

We will prepare you to handle questions, concerns, attitudes, ignorance, and everything in between.

Three-day, 21 hour, training: $599

Receive CEUs if eligible, CEU fee: $50


Develop comfort with sexuality topics

Learn to be an “unshockable” advocate for teens and tweens

Address personal biases and boundaries

Learn facilitation skills

Past Participants Say:

“The focus on facilitation and the sharing of practices to accomplish it was key.  The discussion about inclusion and how to deal with someone whose opinion clashes with facts and good treatment of others was also enriching.”

“Fantastic 3 days.  Thank you SOOO much!”

Topics Include:

  • Biology

  • Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships 

  • Abuse & Harassment

  • Consent 

  • Porn

  • Sexual & Gender Identity 

  • Personal Readiness 

  • Communication 

  • STI & Pregnancy Prevention

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