A Straightforward Approach to Teaching My Kids About Sex


More Than Sex-Ed loves reading about the ways parents step up and speak with their kids about healthy sexuality. And here's a great story in Parent.Com right now.

Suzanne Weerts' past personal experiences with sex education have motivated her "to be open and honest" with her own children.  She has also made it a priority "to incorporate sexuality and sexual education naturally into their lives."  Sex is a topic that many families avoid and often the discussion never happens.  As in many families, Weerts' parents rarely discussed sex and her few experiences were from pamphlets and a forgettable middle school program.  Because Weerts had trouble starting that conversation with her children, she educated herself and family through a variety of media.  Weerts utilized our website More Than Sex-Ed to learn how to approach the topic with her family. 

Books like "Where Did I Come From""It's So Amazing" and "Girls & Sex" made talking about the birds and the bees much more than birds or bees.  With these resources, she taught her kids that it was normal to talk about sex. 

By starting the conversation early, Weerts was able to build for her children a foundation for healthy relationships. 

 Read Suzanne's story here!