An Anonymous Gossip App that's Nice??

The new app, tbh or "to be honest", is currently one of the most popular apps on the itunes store.  Taking a different approach, tbh encourages "users - mostly teenagers and young adults - to comment anonymously about their friends and peers."  Users are given a poll of four options to choose from and the responses are sent to the friend or peer.  Business Insider perfectly describes the tbh experiences:

app pic.jpg

"The app isn't a standard messaging app like Yik Yak or Sarahah, though: Instead, users are presented with a series of prompts about their friends like, 'Should DJ every party' or 'Hotter than the sun' and four options for friends that best fit that description."


What tbh does differently from previous anonymous gossip apps is to exclude the "toxic gossip and petty cruelty." Positivity is a core value of the application and the popularity of tbh validates this.  A tbh spokesperson noted "that the app has 2 million daily active users across the United States", even though it is only available in select states.  The app, tbh, has proved that anonymous gossip does not have to be toxic.

Positivity is a value that More Than Sex-Ed strives to promote.  Especially in the context of human sexuality, positivity is essential for diverse, complex and healthy growth in all ages.  Let us know how tbh has made a positive impact in your everyday by leaving a comment below!

Check out tbh on your iOS devices for some positivity!