Kids make better decisions when parents and guardians talk about sex!

parents can gain confidence in their ability to talk about sex

Host a Free Parent Night in your home!

Let’s spread the word in our community that kids actually listen and make better choices when they have parents and guardians who talk with them about sexual health. We think the best way to do this is by offering free parent discussions, one small group at a time.

Parent Nights are a great way to gain confidence in communicating about sexual health with your kids.

Chances are, if you have concerns about talking with your kids about sexuality, other parents that you know do too. Taking the time to share our worries among friends is often a way to see that puberty and adolescence are things both we and our kids will survive. And our kids can not only survive, but really learn to thrive in their future romantic, intimate and sexual relationships.

We offer no-pressure facilitated discussions on topics like, “my kid is way too young to know about sex”, “LGBTQIA…how did sexual identity get so complex?”, “social media: I have no idea what my kids are up to”

How do I host a Parent Night?

Host a Parent Discussion

1.    You choose a date and time and invite some other parents. A group of 6 to 12 is a good size. 90 minutes offers enough time for a relaxed discussion. We can provide an invitation template if you like.

2.    Provide a space in your home where we can comfortably and confidentially talk. And if you like, providing beverages and snacks can help put people at ease.

3.    An experienced facilitator will come and offer valuable fact based information, and help each participant clarify their hopes and fears, values and expectations.

4.     It’s fun! There’s plenty of humor in the weird/wonderful world of human sexuality. Parents will gain confidence and comfort in their ability to handle the subject of sexual health.

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