More Than Sex-Ed in Schools Across Los Angeles--MUSE School

We are thrilled to work with a variety of schools!
They may be charter, pilot, or independent schools, but one consistent feature is that each has administrators and teachers who profoundly recognize the value of well facilitated conversations with students about personal relationships and sexual health.

Meet Muse Middle/High School in Calabasas!

Muse's philosophy of "Inspiring and Preparing Young People to Live Consciously with Themselves, One Another, and the Planet." instantly resonated with us when Suzanne McClure, Director of Middle/High School contacted us last winter. And in the spring of 2018 we began a pilot program for all the students on their middle and high school campus. Often it's the case that schools bring us in for a basic program that fits as best as we can with their schedule, and in following years we are able to expand to give students a truly comprehensive series of workshops.

We design programs specifically tailored for each school client's unique needs.

Here's a handy link for you to evaluate YOUR school's sex-ed program!

There is still time to have your school contact us to tailor a program for 2018-19!