Bright Spots & Shining Spirits: the kids are alright

Bright Spots & Shining Spirits: the kids are alright

As we look towards a bright future and a hope-filled new year, I want to share with you some “detail shots” looking back on this year’s classes, and the wonderful students we have the joy of working with.  Curious, courageous, compassionate young people like these give me all of the hope for the future.

 Let me start with a scene I’m grateful to have witnessed many times over:

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Puberty: It's Perfectly Normal and Other Book Recommendations


One of our core values here at More Than Sex-ed is that "knowledge is power and kids have the right to have their questions answered."

For parents who are having trouble starting the dialogue on this topic, here are some book recommendations that make it easier to begin that conversation.  

"It's Perfectly Normal" by Robie Harris is a critically acclaimed book that "offers young people the real information they need to make responsible decisions that can help them stay healthy as they approach and experience puberty and adolescence." 

Another great title is "Will Puberty Last My Whole Life?" by Julie Metzger, RN, MN, and Robert Lehman, MD . This flip book offers "Straightforward, age-appropriate answers to REAL questions from preteens." 

Lastly, "Sex is a Funny Word" by Corey Silverberg has been described by Buzzfeed as "A Total Game-Changer" and "nothing short of revolutionary."  The text discusses not only puberty but consent, gender identity and body norms.   

Look for these books at your local bookstore or online vendor!  Tune in next week for more book recommendations on the topic of Puberty.