"Everybody, Every Body": More Than Sex-Ed Publishes Our First Book!

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Thanksgiving is a great reminder of the importance of family members of all ages sharing stories together.

More than Sex-Ed is proud to say we are publishing a perfect read-aloud book for those family times. With your help we can get this book out in the new year!

Everybody, Every Body, written by Emmalinda MacLean and illustrated by Audrey Herbertson, is a colorful picture book that explores what it means to live in a body, and celebrates—in a child-friendly way—the range of wonderful feelings and experiences our bodies can give us.  It also gently nudges adult readers to support their child’s developing sense of bodily autonomy, consent, and the right to personal space. 

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We know that sometimes grandparents, godparents, or other loving adults in a child’s life may feel rebuffed or rejected when a hug or kiss is refused.  The suggestion that children have the right to make these choices stands in contrast to some cultural messages about respect for elders and intimate family ties.  Our hope is that this book can help educate elders, as well as children, by showing that respect for a child’s boundaries is an act of love that empowers them with a healthy dose of self-confidence.   

There are many other books for children that address inappropriate sexual touch, identify private parts that are off limits, and define sexually predatory behavior. Everybody, Every Body is not that kind of didactic book. Everybody, Every Body is different in that it is joyous, gentle, and sweet in affirming every person’s right to decide about their own body.

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