Voting our Values


Let’s talk about that election, huh?  What a doozie.  Naturally, as a 501-c3 nonprofit organization, More Than Sex-Ed cannot endorse specific political candidates or legislation.  However. 

 The work we do is unapologetically, unequivocally centered in values.  For starts, working with children, teens, parents, and schools carries an intrinsic, underlying set of values around education, knowledge, and healthy development.  We value facts, science, truth, and accuracy.  And the truth about sexuality is that it intersects with many aspects of our lives beyond the science of reproduction; it’s a part of how we see and understand ourselves, how we relate to each other, and how we interpret the endless stream of messages about love, sex, and gender that flow through our culture. 

 Our goal is to help students and families identify their own values around these complex and personal topics, not to impose ours.  We believe that values-clarification is essential to decision-making skills—like who to have sex with, and who to vote for.  Our facilitators are trained to avoid sharing their personal beliefs, while upholding the values that are woven into the curriculum.  So while I can’t tell you how the More Than Sex-Ed team voted, I can tell you proudly about our company values.

 We value respect and inclusion for all people.  We affirm and celebrate diverse sexual identities, and consistently encourage our classes to “assume differences”, because the assumption of homogeneity leads to exclusion.   

 We value health.  We believe that all people have the right to knowledge, resources, and care to keep themselves healthy—in both body and mind.  This includes having accurate information, access to affordable services, and treatment with dignity. 

 We value personal responsibility.  We believe everyone should have the freedom to make their own choices about their own bodies, and that everyone deserves to have the knowledge and support to make those decisions responsibly.  We teach our students that no one can control their feelings, but everyone is responsible for their own actions—a distinction that is necessary for any healthy relationship. 

 So while we can’t “get political”, we’re happy to get personal with you about what our company believes in deeply.  We stand up for inclusion and respect.  We work to break stereotypes and prejudices.  We support the health and wellness of individuals and communities.  And we definitely all vote.