Program Director Emmalinda MacLean says: Come to My Birthday Party!

It’s my birthday!  And I wrote a children’s book!  And I want EVERYBODY to read it! 

everybody cover photo.jpg


I’m turning 32 tomorrow, and all I want for my birthday is for children to learn about consent and bodily autonomy.  You can help make my birthday wish come true by clicking on the link here and purchasing this beautiful and empowering read-aloud for a child in your life, or a school in our community! 

 We’re hosting a book-signing with a date TO BE ANNOUNCED* ; order your copy today, mark your calendars, and come get my autograph!

Emmalinda MacLean is a co-founder and program director of More Than Sex-Ed, and she is thrilled to be publishing this story and sharing its important message with children everywhere.

*Edited to reflect the postponement of our book-signing event. We promise it will be rescheduled shortly!