Why YOU need Sexual Health Education Training!

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Our culture is flooded with messages about sex, bodies, gender roles, relationships, and power: children are absorbing them from an early age.  Without a trusted source of accurate information, these messages become many people’s only sex education.  What messages are your clients receiving?  Which ones are you sending?


All adults who work with youth should have training in healthy sexual development.  That’s what More Than Sex-Ed is here for.  Whether you are a social worker, health care provider, teacher, counselor, camp director, youth pastor, or anyone else who cares about teens, we can help you develop skills to communicate openly about sexuality, while holding crucial boundaries.  The youth you serve need well-informed and supportive adults they can trust.  Join us for our Sexual Health Education Training at Antioch University, March 15-17, to gain the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to be ready when they need you.